About Me

Robert Innovaski, Inc. is a company located in Lakewood, Colorado, the largest population center of what is known as Denver West. It’s a company that has only one single employee: me, Robert Innovaski. I was born and raised in Lakewood, Colorado, but was educated at the University of California in Berkeley. I went out to the West Coast after graduating from high school, because it struck me as being a very exciting, happening sort of place. And it was, of course. But after four years at Berkeley, I realized that I had had enough of the West Coast, and so after graduating from the University of California I set off to Europe, where I stayed for ten years. But fifteen years ago, I came back to the place of my roots: Lakewood, Colorado. And I started putting the skills I had learned at the University of California, and practiced in Europe, to use here. What I studied at the University of California, and practiced in Europe, was transportation management, and after returning to Lakewood I spent ten years managing various transportation companies in this area. But five years ago, I started a consulting business on transportation management, and also started two different blogs. The first blog was this one: Robert Innovaski, Inc. And my second blog was Robert Innovaski from the Other Side.