There are two important new players on the Lakewood transportation scene that I advise you to keep your eye on

As all of you know, Lakewood is a hotspot in the greater Denver metropolitan area. It’s a place that is really coming of age these days. Better known to many as “Denver West,” Lakewood is the gateway to the mountains and a focus of great population movement; in the past few years, especially in the two years since the legalization of cannabis in Colorado, people have been flocking to Lakewood from all over the country.

This has driven up the price of housing, and has also put a strain on transportation resources—a very great strain. And as a result, entrepreneurs have now begun to move in to relieve that strain by creating all kinds of new resources. I would like to talk in this blog today about two of those new resources, one that is best filed under the category of  Lakewood CO Towing Company, and another that is very simply described as Lakewood CO Taxi Services.


I will not spend much time on the subject of Lakewood Towing Services, because as most of you will certainly remember, I have already devoted three entire posts to that rather remarkable organization on my sister blog, Robert Innovaski from the Other Side. All I need do here is remind you that Lakewood Towing Services is very much an up-and-coming company that all of you want to be aware of.

But another company that in my opinion is on a direct par with Lakewood Towing Company is a company that I haven’t devoted any posts to yet, or spent any time talking about in any way. And that company is Lakewood Taxi Services.

Lakewood Taxi Services is a company that was established barely more than a month ago, in May 2016. It was established by longtime Denver area resident Drayton Dunwody.

Mr. Dunwody is currently running a one-van operation, for the most part taking people point-to-point inside Lakewood. But soon, he reports, he will be focusing on long-distance runs up into the mountains, to places like Evergreen and Idaho Springs, and also on runs out to Denver International Airport (DIA).

I have spent some time talking with him personally, and I must tell you frankly that I am amazed by the ambitious nature of the vision he has developed for himself. I will tell you more about that vision in future posts, but for the moment let me just say this: Keep your eyes on Lakewood Taxi Services. This is a company around which some very exciting things are going to start happening.